Sanal Bodyguard Powder for Dogs 250 gram

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Expiry Date: 1/3/23

 Helps to protect against fleas and ticks
 100% natural
 For a healthy and shiny coat

Bodyguard is a 100% natural alternative for dog owners who prefer not to use chemical agents for the care of their dog. The garlic in the Bodyguard powder helps to naturally protect your dog against fleas and ticks. Before use, make sure that the environment of your dog is free of any fleas/parasites. Perfect for dog owners who regularly walk their dog in the dunes. Bodyguard is available in packs of 250 grams and 750 grams.

Recommended dosage:
< 5kg: 1 spoon
5-15kg: 1-2 spoon
> 25kg: 2 spoons

Mix every day with the regular food. A measuring spoon is attached to the package.

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